Rihanna Gets Beat Up Because of Text Message

The LAPD detective notes have been obtained by FOX 11 in LA and it is does not look too good for R&B singer Chris Brown. According to the reports, Rihanna found a three-page text message from a woman to her boyfriend Chris Brown naturally an argument began.  Chris Brown allegedly attempted to kick Rihanna out of his rented Lamborghini but he was not successful, so he shoved her head into the passenger’s side window (what a gentlemen), that did not seem to work so when Rihanna turned to Chris he punched her (more than once from the swollen pics of Rihanna, I assume). Along the way Chris also bit, choked and threatened to “beat the sh*t out of her”, and kill her. Last week Rihanna and Chris were reconciling their relationship at Diddy’s mansion on Star Island. This is just sad. Where are her parents? Friends? Management?

•    If you or someone you know are a victim of domestic violence please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at: 1 (800) 799-7233.


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